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Split Ac Repair

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Split Air Conditioner

When it comes to split AC Repair then you might worry about whom to approach and how to get the AC repaired. But now it is nothing to worry about. It is easier and much more convenient. If you want to repair your split AC then you must get it repaired from the best because they know what to do and how to do it in the right manner. ?

How is split AC different?

It is different from other ACs because of its features and stability. It is loved by all and care for. If you have a window AC it is much more convenient and safer. It is a better option and must be used in the right manner.

All kinds of repairs are done in this ac from Air filter, drain cleaning, coolant level checking in the air conditioner.

split ac

Why AC Repair And Maintenance Is Important?

As AC produces cooling air it collects much dust indirectly as hot air along with specks of dust flows to the cooling side always. If you have an Ac that may be window AC or Spilt Ac it’s important to perform with trouble-free with less noise. AC can overcome these problems by regular maintenance.

Air Filter and fin cleaning

The air filter can play a vital role in AC for cooling. Problematic or dirty air filters in AC can raise problems like ice information in AC. It may not be cooling properly..

Drain cleaning

Generally water leakages from the pipe of AC due to jam of drain. If water is dripping from the pipes then our technician will check the inside of all pipes and tubes of the AC unit. After identifying the problem he can clean and remove the dirt if present on the inside which can prevent the problem of water leakage from the unit.

Coolant level check in air conditioner

PRO check is very important for coolant level whether it is right in cooling or evaporator coils. Sometimes your AC stops cooling for the level of coolant is less than the required amount the temperature of the cooling coil drops much below the normal.