Benefit of Air conditioner (AC)


Benefit of Air conditioner (AC)

There are many types of AC are available in the market. Although all AC have one target point i.e to make cooling the area also these AC have differ in their features. According to features, the cost may vary from each other. Apart from this, there are too many branded companies producing AC in India such as Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Daikin, and many more. Mainly two types of AC are available in the market. i.e- Window AC and Split AC.

Window AC -These types of AC are generally installed on the wall. It functions smoothly and produces cold air without any noisy sound. It consumes less electricity. The window AC doesn’t need water to produce cool air.

Split AC  - Split AC is generally installed in the outside room. It produces noisy sound during it’s working. It requires a change of water in a specific interval of time for the best services. It consumes more electricity as compared to window AC.

Some important features of an AC are...... 

1. Temperature - A quality AC should be operated between 22 to 27 degrees for cooling in summer and 18 to 20 degrees for heating in winter. It is mostly used in winter session polar regions. Where snowfall area. 

2. Humidity-The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is called humidity. The humidity in an indoor room is between 40% to 60â„… relative humidity. It is suitable for every person. 

3. Dust - Dust particles are often referred to as particulate matter the term for the mixture of solid particles and liquid droplet flow in the air. It helps to maintain our room free from dust. 

4. Airspeed- It provides some rate of cool air in an air conditioner system. So that people feel better in front of a conditioner.

 5.Noise  - Noise is another cause of other electronic material but window AC maintains the noise. It produces less than 50db.    

Advantages of air conditioner  

  •  Batter air quality – AC filters the air. So that, air quality is better inside the room.
  • Decrease work stress – As AC relieves us from the warming then we will feel comfortable in the summer season. Therefore we get more energy to concentrate on work. Hence the result will be maximized. On the other hand, we can say it decreases the work stress. 
  • Better living – The AC protects us from global warming. So that it gives the opportunity to lead a better lifestyle nowadays. 
  • Stop insects and parasites- As it ventilates air properly the insects and parasites will be less interested to come here.
  • Count sheep, note sweat- It protects against to flow of sweat.     

The disadvantage of air conditioner 

  • Health problems. 
  • Bad for the eyes. 
  • Higher bill. 
  • Laziness. 

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