Discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of AC


Discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of AC

Air conditioners are an important part of everyone’s life nowadays. Everyone needs to get relief from the heat in summer. Due to global warming, some countries will face extreme heat in summer. Especially the countries in the equatorial region will experience extreme heat. Even in the early summer, some cities face the high-temperature problem. That’s why AC plays a vital role to control the warm. To get rid of excessive heat, most people have started using air conditioners in their homes. Like other parts of Kolkata, the average temperature in Kolkata is more than 38 degrees in the summer season. Hence most of the people in Kolkata are using an AC now. Many people use split AC whereas many people use window AC according to their budget. To keep this in mind many AC repair technicians are providing AC repair service in all locations of Kolkata by setting up their AC repair centers.

Air conditioners are ideal for cooling your home in summer by removing the warm air with cool air. With the help of air conditioners, you can set the desired temperature in your home. Let’s find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this AC. According to Newton’s 3rd law “Every action has equal and opposite reaction” Ac has both many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s we will discuss a lot:-

Advantages of using air conditioning

1. It prevents from heat exhaustion          

The most convenient feature of an air conditioner is that you can avoid the extreme heat in the summer season. You can stay at the desired temperature by using the air conditioner.

2. ​​​​Improve the quality of air

Indoor air quality can also be improved when you use a good quality air conditioner. You can rest assured that you will take care of your air conditioning. It helps to provide fresh air inside the room by improving the ventilation system.

3. Improve your work efficiency

AC has the capacity that forms a suitable working environment in all seasons. So an employee of an office can work comfortably. Therefore productivity can be increased due to improving their work efficiency.

4. Help you in getting good sleep

If your home has a suitable temperature then you will not face any problems with sleeping. People who have trouble sleeping for the worm condition they can easily take rest by using an AC.

5. Protect your house from insect

During summer most people face problems in their homes like insects and lizards that try to find cool places in your home. That's why you can get rid of such problems by using the air conditioner. You don't have to open your windows to get fresh air so that these insects enter your home.

6. Cool down your electrical appliances

In the summer, most of the houses are experiencing problems such as electrical circuit breakers due to overheating. To get rid of this problem, you have to keep your house cool with an air conditioner.

7. Protect your furniture from humidity

If you are living near a lake in the summer it can be very humid. This can cause a lot of damage to your furniture which is expensive to burn. AC can protect your furniture from humidity.

8. It makes energized and refreshed

If you have good living conditions then you will always feel renewed and energetic without any problem.

Disadvantages of air conditioning              

There are many disadvantages to using AC which may cause serious problems to us:-

â—¾A sudden change in temperature can be harmful to us

If we work in an extremely hot environment, then if you come to a place with a cold temperature, then there is a possibility that it will be very harmful to our health. Therefore, you must use the air conditioner properly.

â—¾It can make your skin dry

Excessive use of air conditioning can lead to dry skin, which can cause skin problems. That’s why you should definitely use a moderate air conditioner. 

â—¾It can cause your air conditioner health problems

If you do not maintain the air conditioner properly then you will definitely face many health problems.

â—¾Most air conditioners are not eco friendly

Not many air conditioners are made to provide eco-friendly services. It can cause many problems in your surroundings like global warming.

â—¾You might start feeling lazy around air conditioners

Everyone people who use an air conditioner feels lazy around the air conditioner as it can provide a pleasant temperature around your home.

â—¾It causes extra electricity bill

Well, it is a common fact among people who use air conditioners in their homes that can increase their electricity bill.

â—¾It may cause of cancer

All AC releases carbon mono oxide (CO) gas which is an ingredient of cancer. So we may face cancer by using an AC for a long period.

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