Some basic anatomy of AC and it’s maintenance


Some basic anatomy of AC and it’s maintenance

Mainly air conditioners are used to filter the air and making cool down the space by removing the heat from the space. It has four major parts like evaporator, condenser, compressor, and expansion valve. All the parts of AC are working synchronically to execute the entire process. If any part will not function properly then the system will be unable to cool down the space. The execution of each part is discussed below.

The function of the evaporator:-  The main responsibility of the evaporator is to keep cool the AC because if ac will cool down more and more it can absorb heat better. So that it can minimize the heat of room or space. Then easily it will evaporate the heat to the outside of space. On the other hand, you can say it is the part of AC through which can produce actual cooling.

The function of the condenser:-The condenser of an air conditioner can absorb heat air and then convert to liquid form, then transfer to the cooler parts. The main responsibility of the condenser is to collect maximum heat air. Without a condenser, the heat engine will take only heat air and give output the same air. Hence the condition of the space will be the same as before. You can note it, if the condenser of an AC will not perform perfectly then it will be more time to cool down the space.

The function of compressor:-  As we know from the name of the compressor means compress something to reduce the size of the original volume. An air conditioner compressor is a mechanical device through which the pressure of the gas is increasing and the volume is reduced to its original quantity. It concentrates the heat contains and circulates the air to all parts, after that it will help to flow the air in the form of liquid through a pipe. You can say it is the heart of an air conditioner.

The function of the expansion valve:- Expansion valve is an important device for an air conditioner. It helps to control the flow of the circulation cycle in AC and it has the responsibility to change the higher pressure of the liquid in the condenser unit to lower pressure gas. That’s why space or room will cool down very fast. You can note that if the expansion valve will not function properly then it will hamper to cool down the space, even it will not cool down atoll.

It is clear that all parts of AC are interconnected to each other to perform the entire process properly and each part has different responsibility to execute the task. The output of any device may be used as an input of another device. Therefore maintenance is a vital part to get a better result from your AC. The best AC repair technician can serve your AC properly. The demand for AC repair service in Kolkata is gradually increasing from day to day due to rising the use of AC at home and office.

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