Some basic knowledge of AC, Micro oven, and geyser


Some basic knowledge of AC, Micro oven, and geyser

Now, most people in Kolkata like to maintain a modern lifestyle most of the time. So, they use many home appliances to make them comfortable. AC, micro oven, and geyser are the most preferable home appliance in Kolkata. Let’s discuss them one by one… 

AC (Alternating Current) is an electric current that periodically reverses direction and changes its magnitude. It can be converted to high voltage easily by using a transformer. It is also converted electrical energy into mechanical energy. That’s why it is used in many large appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, television, fan, plug kitchen appliances, and many other appliances. It works in a cycling process. 

Benefits of Air Conditioner (AC)  

  1. AC improves indoor air quality. 
  2. It controls humidity.
  3. Decrease work stress.
  4. Boosted productivity.
  5. Reduce Asthma problems.
  6. Stop insects and parasites.
  7. Sweatless sleep. 

Although there are a lot of benefits of AC but excessive use of anything is harmful to us. It also affects our healthy living. Such as 

  1. Access use of AC may cause our skin dryness.
  2. It also aggravation of respiratory problems.
  3. If it does not clean regularly, then can cause the buildup of harmful bacteria, dust, and the panel of the air filter. So it is affect our respiratory tract.
  4. Maybe it causes allergies.

So, the best way of controlling the risk of AC should be cleaned regularly. If we clean it regularly then the number of health issues goes away from us. Now many ac repair centers in Kolkata provide annual AC maintenance for their customers. They trained AC repair technicians for most branded ac like HITACHI, LG, SAMSUNG, WHIRLPOOL, VIDEOCON, and many more. So, you can find the LG ac repair center or Hitachi ac repair center or SAMSUNG ac repair center or WHIRLPOOL ac repair center or Carrier ac repair center or Voltas ac repair center or VIDEOCON ac repair center in Kolkata easily now

Microwave oven

A microwave oven is a popular home appliance that is used for heating food or making food. There isn’t used fire for making food, only electromagnetic waves are used to prepare or reprocess the food. Do you know how it was invented?

Let’s know …

It is said that the invention of the microwave oven is mistaken. It was invented by a mistake. The scientist (Percy Spencer) who invented it didn’t want to invent this. Because he was working with electromagnetic waves on magnetron devices. But the powerful radiation melt the candy bars which were in his pocket. So he thought about how it is used for making food. Then he invented the microwave oven. A microwave oven is used high-frequency electromagnetic waves that penetrate food by vibrating it’s molecules for producing heat. So it takes short time to prepare food. 


  1. Reheating food quickly. 
  2. Cooking food in a short time. 
  3. Disinfect chicken items.
  4. Roasting garlic.
  5. De-crystallizing honey. 
  6. Proofing yeast. 
  7. It’s market price is suitable for everyone.
  8. You can make something special for your guests and expend time with them. 


  1. It is denied to stand in front of the microwave oven during cooking or reheating food. 
  2. It’s waves are harmful to our health.
  3. Using microwaves may cause cancer due to it produces cancer-causing agents.
  4. Although it retains the nutrients but the tests of prepared food may be changed.

Almost 70% to 80% of the household has a microwave oven. Most hotels use the microwave for faster cooking and reheating food. But excessive use of microwave ovens may cause health issues. But we have to keep in mind proper maintenance of microwave can provide services finely. Now, many microwave oven repair centers are available in Kolkata for providing microwave oven repair service at the doorstep of their customer as well as in the repairing center.

Geyser :              

A geyser is a unique device that is used to warm water. If you want to buy this device for use in winter then why are you waiting for it? It is a fabulous appliance. It consumes less electricity for heating water. It consists of a water tank fitted with two pipes i.e one for the inlet of cold water and another for outlet of hot water. The water tank is fitted with heating elements which are controlled by thermostats. The thermostats ensure that the temperature of the water is not heated above the set temperature value. There are many branded geysers available in the market. Such as gas geysers, instant Geysers, electric Geysers, solar geysers, kitchen geysers, bathroom geysers, portable geysers etc. It depends upon you which is suitable for you. But I think an electric geyser is the best geyser as compared to the others. Because it doesn’t take more electricity to heat water and stored it for a long time. The other advantages of the electric geyser are given below.


  1. Geysers consume less amount of electricity compared to other water-heating appliances.
  2. It can installation easily.
  3. Safe and easy to operate. 
  4. High-temperature range.
  5. It can heat cold water quickly. 
  6. Although it’s the price is higher than the others but the benefits are more than the others. So there are more options to buy this appliance. You can buy and use it as per your requirement.            

Conclusion: - Maintenance of all home appliances is very important to get the best quality output. So we should give annual maintenance to an experienced technician of our home appliances. It may raise productivity.