The Importance of Home Appliances Nowadays


The Importance of Home Appliances Nowadays

Home appliances are a very essential thing now. Home appliances such as fridges, AC, washing machines, and the micro oven is highly demanded in the cities of India.

The main purpose of using home appliances is to save time and get relaxation from the burden of homework. We know India is a developing country. The work opportunity is better in India now than many years ago. The expenses are gradually increasing in the cities of India. So it is very difficult to survive in the cities depending on the earnings of only one person. But many years ago it is sufficient to maintain a lifestyle in Cities by the earning of some major person only. But now the maintenance expense is very high in the cities. So, most of the family members are working nowadays whether it may be in the Government sector or private sector. Therefore their daily routine is very compact. Now they are using many home appliances to maintain their schedule only.

These household appliances are usually used by those who maintain their busy schedule. For example, if anyone cooks two times then it will take more time, hence they use the micro oven to reprocess their cooked food quickly. That’s why they can get relaxed from cooking because after returning from the office most of the people get tired. Really, micro oven gives them relaxation. Similarly, they wash their clothes by using a washing machine quickly, only following some steps to operate the washing machine only. It is also a great relaxation for everybody. Similarly, AC makes the environment cool, so that everyone can take rest comfortably to release their stress and tiredness.

Other many important uses of home appliances 

The use of home appliances is to do all the household chores efficiently and in less time. Some of the important uses of home appliances are:-  

• Wash your clothes 

• Dry your clothes 

• Refrigerate your foods 

• Chop ingredients 

• Heat foods 

• Fry ingredients 

• Bake foods 

• Brew coffee etc.  

Basic Knowledge about home appliance 

 Home appliances serve many purposes, depending on the type of appliance. Home appliances are available in small to large sizes depending on their capacity only. The home appliance can also be purchased with a smart device or an energy-efficient design. Home appliances also come in different materials in the market with different prices. 

 The main target of the same home appliance of the different brands is the same. It may differ in materials and lifespan. We can use it according to our budget. It’s sure if the maintenance of home appliances will be perfect then it will be served better smoothly. 

The factor of lifespan and uses of home appliances:- 

Household appliances are very easy to use and many factors affect the lifespan of household appliances. These are -


It usually works for an average of 13 years. Refrigerator materials and maintenance affect longevity Stainless steel refrigerators last longer than plastic refrigerators. Keeping it clean and setting it at the right temperature also affects it. 

Micro Oven

It also usually lasts for 10 to 12 years, but gas ovens last longer than an electric oven. 

Several functions help it last longer.


Stainless steel dishwashers last longer than plastic dishwashers. The lifespan of the dishwasher is about 10 years.

 Garbage disposal    

Waste disposal lasts for an average of 10-12 years frequent cleaning and emptying garbage disposal between uses can extend its life.  

Air conditioner

A freezer lasts an average of 12 years keeping the freezer coils and door hinges clean can help extend its life.

Coffee maker

A coffee maker lasts an average of 5 years routine cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of a coffee maker.  

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