Earth's temperature is increasing every year for global warming. Due to the effects of this summer, people need air conditioning (AC) to protect themselves from the heat. Therefore the demand of AC is growing day by day. So lots of people are using it at home and office for their comfort life and work. People need to check the review of the AC of various brands before buying it. If we have not purchased air conditioning due to consumption of high electricity bill, you need to check a good and quality air conditioner (AC) to control your Electricity within the budget. Now ac repair in Kolkata is very easy.

Mainly two types of AC are available in the market such as:-

  1. Window AC
  2. Split AC

The main purpose of these two types of AC is to produce cool air within a closed environment. Most probably 90% of the raw materials used for making these AC are the same. The window AC is installed at the window or outside of the home whereas split AC is installed on the wall of the room. The window AC consumes higher electricity as compared to window AC. Generally, window AC produces more noise as compared to split AC. But both AC produces cool air by removing the hot air from the closed circumstance. The window AC is cheaper than the window AC.   

Different brands of AC 

There are many branded AC is available in India. The price may differ from each other. They have some special features of their own brand. They give a warranty for a specific period according to their policy.  

Let’s discuss some brands:- 

1.  HAIER - It is a popular brand that produces a lot of electrical instruments. These air conditioners are famous for their longevity, performance, efficiency, and excellent cold air. They are featured and their Accessibility are amazing. The price is between 20k to 50 k.  

2. DAIKIN  - It is a well-known AC production brand which is a Japanese company. It manufactures both windows and split AC. It classifies it’s AC by star and capacity. Generally, the AC of more stars consumes low electricity and vice versa. Perhaps it has the highest 5-star. On the other hand, we can say the 5-star AC is the best for it’s specification as compared to other.

3. VOLTAS - Voltas is one of the most reliable air conditioners among Indians. It provides you with the best possible service. Among the various advertisements, it reaches the people. It’s an ancient brand of AC. The price range for the Voltas AC is between 19.5k to 90.00K.   

4.BLUE STAR - It’s the oldest electrical company in India. This company provides cool air and it’s knowing their usability also. The functionality of Blue star is very good as compared to other brands. It is user-friendly.

5. HITACHI - Hitachi is a Japanese company that has been supplying AC for many years ago. It’s a very popular brand in India. Hitachi AC are very good and user-friendly. The price range of Hitachi AC margin to all.

6. SAMSUNG -  It’s one of the most selling air conditioner company brands in the world. It’s a South coria brand. It’s marketing in India is very popular. People believe this brand of their Legibility, accessibility, and their usability also. Now, most people in India like to install Samsung AC in their homes and office.

7. LG - LG is one of the most popular consumers of air conditioners in India. The brand reaches out to consumers with modern technology. The service of LG AC is very good.

There too many AC repair centers are available in Kolkata that are providing both doorsteps AC repair service and repair at the center. Not only do they repair ac in Kolkata only but also they provide ac repair services in the surrounding of Kolkata like Barakpore, Bally, Barasat, Noihati, Howrah, Hooghly, and many more areas. The ac repair service center in Kolkata has a skilled and experienced technician who is well trained in AC repair service of different brands. They can identify the problem of AC quickly, as a result, it is possible to repair ac perfectly in a short time. Now ac repair in Kolkata is very easy for the availability of skilled ac repair technicians everywhere. So don’t worry you can use AC of any brand to get relieved from the heat wave.