Uses and maintenance of AC


Uses and maintenance of AC

Trees can protect the environment from direct sunlight by providing shade during the daytime. You can put a floor next to the window to protect it from the intense sun. Consider running the AC with floor or ceiling fans to circulate cool air more effectively in the room. Air conditioners help us to control the temperature of a room as per our requirements. These systems are so common that we feel the effects of entering any place. It can be installed in our office, car, home even in a modern religious center. In short, it can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes to make a suitable enviroment. 

Air conditioners are often very commonly known as AC to everybody. It features a fan that distributes conditioned air throughout the enclosure. 

Uses of air conditions

• Use in office      

If you have a small or home office, you know that the heat generated by computer equipment and other machinery can make your office hotter than before. To avoid this heat, you can use an air conditioner (AC) to provide yourself with a good and suitable environment. It does not cause any damage to the computer equipment or other machinery.

• Sliding glass door venting       

You may have a room in your house that you want to cool, but the only opening is a sliding glass door. If you are installing an air conditioner in your room, you will not have to face any problems. Sliding door kits include a long panel that can be extended to the height of a normal sliding door. When using a sliding door kit, it's important to remember that once set up, the glass door must be kept closed, but that pays in return for a cool and comfortable room in the middle of a heat wave. It's a small price to pay.

• Server room cooling

If you work in the IT field you know that the server room is the nucleus of any company. 24 X 7 cooling and ventilation must be provided to avoid any possible malfunctions or degradation of your computer equipment. An AC is a good option for a server room because it is cost-effective and can provide spot cooling. If you don't use the computer for a long time, you can do the job without the AC, but if you install the AC in the server room, it is more efficient. The possibility of loss is high.

• It is used in a big mall

You may have seen AC installations in various big shops or shopping malls. More heat is generated due to the crowds there but AC can control the environment and supply fresh air to the shopping mall. Hence AC is recommended for the crowded area.

 • Supplemental cooling spot

 Some common places are used more than other places like bedrooms and the common room is used more than other places in a house. AC installation can be making these spaces more comfortable. So, most people of the family and relatives can spend their time easily along fully comfortably.

Maintenance of an AC

1. Change the filter of the AC

Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of your AC unit, so install a new one every month during the cold season for central and window units. Look for the filter's minimum efficiency reporting value or MERV. The main functionality of the filter of an AC is to produce fresh air in the room by removing the dirty air from the room. The changing of the filter at a regular intervals can function efficiently. The expert AC repair technician can be monitoring this perfectly. 

2. Service AC compressor condenser

Build a screen to protect from the sun. Install a condenser or window unit on the north or east side of your home, where direct sunlight can reduce efficiency by 10 percent.

A central AC system's air compressor and condenser are usually outside the home, near your foundation. It works best when there are about 24 inches of clear space in all directions, so get rid of nearby shrubs, tall grass, leaves, and overhanging branches or you can consult an AC repair technician for this service because AC repair in Kolkata is very easy now.

3. Keep your AC unit cool

You can protect your AC from direct sunlight by keeping it dark or shaded during the day. You can put a floor next to the window to protect it from the intense sun. Consider running the AC with floor or ceiling fans to circulate cool air more effectively.

4. Upgrade for efficiency

You should update your AC for the best efficiency. Most companies make their device according to the environment so that AC can be performed perfectly. AC repair in Kolkata is available in the all locations such as Saltlake, Newtown, Jadavpur, Tollygunge, Behala, Garia, and Bally, of Kolkata.

5. Get airflow

Closing too many interior doors throws central AC systems out of balance, meaning there is less airflow throughout the home. If you want some privacy, keep the door slightly ajar instead. 

6. Perform annual AC maintenance

Many AC repair centers are available in Kolkata that has many technically sound technicians. Apart from this, many experienced AC repair technicians provide AC repair service at the doorstep of their customers. They take annual maintenance for the AC and they check the following parts of an AC at regular intervals. 

  • Cleaning the coil. 
  • Check the filter and clean it if necessary. 
  • Fan checking.
  • Checking controls and safety.
  • Checking refrigerant.
  • Checking the pressure. 

Checking for temperature minimization.